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In conjunction with  Gorley Vale Riding Club 


The rides are within 1 1/2 hour drive of Fordingbridge area and range from 32 - 42km with an average speed of 11 - 13km.

There are 6 in a ride otherwise known as a squad. We all train individually, it is up to each member to keep their pony/horse fit enough.

All of the rides we do also have pleasure rides and we have a couple of Wessex members who do these. Just check out the Endurance GB website for info on the ride distances etc.

If anyone would like to crew for the team please contact Hannah. It involves coming along to the rides, driving to crewing points (before we get there!) with buckets of water and slosh bottles then moving on to the next point before meeting us back at the venue for cooling down, vetting and tea and sandwiches.  Map reading skills are essential! 

There is the possibility to add a further squad,  but we need 6 more interested riders. Please contact Hannah if you are interested!


For general enquiries and further information, please contact Hannah Shadbolt 

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