For a yearly fee of £10 per horse/rider combination you will receive an official logbook to record hours spent riding your horse.

Hacking out; pleasure, social, charity rides, hunting, schooling all count, but NOT paid lessons, endurance riding or competing.

This is used to accumulate the hours ridden. These hours continue to accumulate across the year and into the next one only if the yearly fee is renewed.
There are no time limits or restrictions on the amount of hours ridden in one session and a rosette will be awarded each time you reach a particular target figure. Initially this will be every 50 hours up to 300 hours after that.

Rosettes are awarded every 100 hours up to 2000 hours. A Bronze rosette is awarded at 1,800 hours, silver rosette at 1900 hours and a gold rosette 2000 hours to finally complete the set



molly 50 hours
jo pay PRS 1000
1100 hours prs
ED 1300 HOURS-WA0024
JIG 400 HOURS WA0023
biscuit 50 hours t_2020-08-31-11-37-37
BISCUIT AND ME 50 HOURS _2020-08-31-11-4
wrc riding hours 2
wrc riding hours
wrc riding hours 1
spencer -WA0028
biscuit and thunder 22nd feb 105752
kate 20191215-WA0012
thunder and biscut 20200113-WA0002
thunder, biscuit (wooley) 5 jan
Kate TREC 23130
janet and jill -20200105-WA0015
kate trec131 (2)


You may remember that this event had to be cancelled last October but isn’t too late for WRC MEMBERS (only) to take part in their own, individual version of this ride, either alone or with a group of WRC friends just go for a hack, perhaps wearing pink (Abigail’s favourite colour), in your own locality. Bring photos or a video of yourselves as proof to a T&C or other Club event and make a donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust (a minimum of £10 per person is suggested; Caroline Caroll is happy to collect these) to receive one of the Abigail’s Ride rosettes. What better excuse (as if you needed one!) to go for a ride?


For general enquiries and further information, please contact Caroline Carroll :


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