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I have had the horsey bug for as long as I can remember, I learnt to ride as a child and after several years of persistent nagging, I got my first pony aged 11 and I’ve been hooked ever since.  I sadly lost by beautiful old boy (Murphy) a couple of years ago at the age of 25.  We had a great partnership for over 20 years and had done a bit of everything together from hunting to dressage.  We now have three horses at home, which my daughter rides and competes to.  Luckily (I think) my boys prefer 4 wheels to 4 legs? I wanted to join a riding club that was local and active.  Wessex RC have a great venue for training and competitions as well as running lots for extra curriculum activities.  Everybody I have meet has been lovely, very supportive and not at all intimating.

SECRETARY - Rose Clark
Horses have been my passion for as long as I can remember. I worked with horses when I left school first at a riding school, then a livery yard for hunters, South Dorset Hunt, the Cattistock Hunt, National Hunt horses near Blandford and a stud near Salisbury, before settling down and getting a "proper job", so we could afford to get a home of our own.   I bought my first horse in my 30s when I earned enough to keep her on full livery and dreamed of the weekends when I could get up early and ride out.
Now, I am lucky enough to have my horses at home with me, something I always dreamed of when I was growing up.  I have Casper a 15hh flea bitten grey Irish Sports Horse, and a 13.2 piebald Icelandic Horse Korrall.  
I joined the Wessex Riding Club in 2020, as I was looking to expand my experience with Casper and meet like-minded people and I wasn't disappointed.  Everyone is always supportive and encouraging and that is why I agreed to become treasurer to help pay back by getting involved.

TREASURER - Andrew Lovell

I have been riding for over 50 years now, and with the exception of 2 years when I worked in London, have owned a horse throughout.  I enjoy the pure pleasure of hacking and make great use of the New Forest to fulfil that daily urge.  I enjoy training and competitions with horse trials being the main focus.

DRESSAGE - Jody Stoker

Having been born with Horses in my blood, at the age of 9 I finally got the bug too. From that point on Horses have been a massive part of my life. After leaving school I went to go and work/live on site at a Riding school local to Fordingbridge where I trained and completed my BHS Stage 1,2 and PTT exams.

Whilst working at the Riding School at the grand age of 21 I brought my first horse Southbrook Requiem (Rekkie as she was known). she was a 5-year-old Cleveland Bay x TB Mare who looked like a oversized New Forest Pony, with her long scraggly mane and shaggy coat (until she had been pampered and looked after). This Mare taught me more than any Instructor ever has and I owe her so much. I sadly lost her to a broken leg when she was 20, but I will never forget the15 years we shared together.

At that point with a broken heart and soul I walked away from Horse’s completely for nearly 3 years, before then having the urge to reconnect with them. I was lucky enough to find a variety of Horses over the next 3 years to ride, each with their own quirks. Then we hit lockdown and along came furlough for me. At that point with some savings behind me I made a rash decision that I wanted to buy my own once more. After much searching online and a long drive to Peterborough where I fell in love with a very poor looking nearly two-year-old, who’s muzzle was covered in Juvenile warts, and I could not get closer too than 5 meters. Fast forward a week and we were all loaded and on route back to Salisbury. Having just turned 4 in June 2022 I backed her and she will continue to be ticked over with gentle work through the winter, time and weather permitting. Nahla melts my heart daily and equally drives me insane with dog like tendencies, but I wouldn’t be without her and keeping our fingers crossed that we have a bright future ahead of us.

 I have recently joined the WRC committee as I would like to help support the other committee members in growing this club and enabling all our members to enjoy many successful events with their beautiful Horses. Please come say 'Hi' when you see me.


AREA 17 REP - Sam Painter

I started riding at the age of 7 in Germany. I went to the local riding school every week for lessons and this is where my passion for riding began. I got involved with as much as  I could, even pantomimes on horseback. The pantomimes were short lived though. I was the fairy godmother in Cinderella and sat in a cart that someone decided to put down without warning so went tumbling out headfirst, much to my families and the rest of the audiences amusement!
We moved around a lot throughout my childhood so I never really settled into a yard for long or had the chance to join any clubs. I spent my school years working at the weekends at a hunting yard and a competition yard and then after my A-Levels took on a working pupil role at an event yard. I worked at the event yard for a couple of years developing my riding but unfortunately also realised I couldn't afford to live on the pay so ended up trapped in the 9-5 office life, met my husband and had my son, Jamie. Riding had come to an abrupt halt.
When Jamie was 6 I took him to the local riding school and like me he loved every lesson. I was jealous of him riding so started up again myself. That was 8 years ago.
In Summer 2019 I took the plunge and bought our first horse, Ronnie, from the yard owner. We are slowly building on our relationship and I am trying to get Ronnie out as much as possible so Jamie can have lots of fun on him in the future.
I enjoy the social side of horses so wanted to join a club where I could meet new people but also get out competing, however, hadn't expected to be joining the committee!
I really love seeing people enjoying riding and giving things a go so I look forward to meeting you all at future club events and hopefully joining in at some Area 17 events too. 


I am married with 2 teenage daughters who both ride. My eldest shares my horse Cello and my youngest is lucky enough to share my friend and fellow members horse Minnie. I also own Ottilie - my newly weaned foal. I have been riding nearly all my life and I have been a member of WRC for many years. Many of you may remember my ex racer Onslow coming to dressage and my Irish mare Cloud who is the mother to my foal... More recently you may know me with Cello - she came out to WRC camps then unfortunately had a field injury in June and following surgery related to a fractured tibia she is now working back to normal riding. We are hacking and schooling and I have booked the Dressage to Music workshop in January and remain optimistic that we will be back in action for 2022!


Available :)

Committee member


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